A new generation of ecological PU coatings with water vapour permeability

A breathable and ecological power pack

Today, nearly all “breathable” PU direct coatings are applied from solvent systems. These products partly contain very harmful and environmentally hazardous solvents.

RUCO®-COAT ECC NEW and ECT are purely water-based and thus, open up new perspectives for numerous coated fabrics, which are permeable to water vapour and thus, “breathable”.

Function and fields of application

The hydrophilic segments incorporated in RUCO®-COAT ECC NEW and ECT ensure excellent water vapour permeability. Once sweating, a higher humidity in the jacket , thus, a higher water vapour concentration arises. These differences in concentration ensure that water molecules are transported along the polymer chain to the outside due to the hydrophilic segments incor­porated.

The higher the difference in concentration, the better the function of this principle. But if it is cold and you don't sweat, less heat gets lost. This is important for clothes (sportswear, outdoor, shoes etc.), but also for technical textiles (tents, sleeping bags, etc.).