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Fluorine-free textile water repellents for highest performance

BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is a patented fluorine-free technology from RUDOLF that effectively protects textiles from rain and water-based stains.

BIONIC-FINISH® ECO can be used on all types of fibres and is highly resistant to household and industrial laundering. This technology provides excellent water repellency with minimal application quantities, without affecting the texture, appearance or breathability of the treated textiles.

In addition, BIONIC-FINISH® ECO products contain a significant amount of renewable bio-based raw materials, up to 90%, meeting the growing consumer demand for sustainable products.

Inspired by Nature

Bionic is a field of research that involves transferring ideas from nature to technology. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO technology is inspired by nature and based on dendrimers, which are multifunctional building blocks that branch out on the textile surface.

This technology creates a highly wash-resistant and fluorine-free microstructure on the treated fibre, resulting in a super-hydrophobic and durable performance.

Product Overview