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Construction Chemicals by RUDOLF

Powerful applications for the construction industry

High-performance and durable systems are essential for building protection. RUDOLF´s well-established knowledge and many years of experience enable it to present its customers with a wide range of construction chemical solutions.

For any challenge we offer customised technologies and therefore the perfect solution. The product portfolio is characterised by an optimal interaction of protection, functionality and preservation of aesthetics.

Paint additives

High-performance coating systems are of significant importance for value-preserving building protection. Due to their pore and capillary structure, mineral substrates absorb moisture, when they get in contact with water. Hence, due to absorbed water, pollutants and microorganisms penetrate the building’s structure and cause further damage. Using high performance coating systems, such as paints and plasters, may prevent these effects. RUDOLF additives impart special properties, such as water repellency, increase of early water resistance, maintenance or even improvement of water vapour permeability and improved processability to different coating systems.

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Surface protection

Moisture is one of the main causes of damages to facades, masonry, bridges and architectural structures. Effective protection against moisture can be ensured by the use of RUDOLF products. Our construction chemical products effectively protect mineral substrates from damage and can also be used to renovate buildings.

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Dry-mix additives

Easy and safe handling has been one of the main reasons for the increasing importance of Dry-Mix products for many years. By using the right additives, excellent processing and product properties can be achieved. Dry-Mix products are essential components in the modern construction industry and contribute to improved energy and resource efficiency in new and existing buildings.

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Coating additives

High-performance coating additives are indispensable when it comes to manufacturing and processing paint systems. Any coating on a surface should form a closed film that adheres firmly, resists environmental influences and gives a consistent, visually appealing appearance. The coating should be easy to apply and dry quickly. To ensure successful surface coating, the chemical and physical processes involved in coating formation can be managed thanks to these additives. RUDOLF offers a variety of coating additives that significantly improve the production and application of coatings and paints.

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