Energy-Efficient Curing of UV-Reactive Substances for Textile Coatings

The function of UV curing

UV-curing is a photochemical process for the rapid and energy-efficient curing of UV-reactive products under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. In the textile industry, this technology is used for a wide range of applications on textiles.

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Advantages of UV-Curing
Fast Application

The UV radiation cross-links the molecular building blocks in fractions of a second. This enables efficient production and reduces waiting times.

Reduced Process Times

The material can be used immediately. This reduces energy consumption and protects the environment.

Saving of Resources

Saving of resources, e.g. water or solvents, as 100 percent products can be used and at the same time a costly drying process is eliminated.

Energy Efficiency

UV radiation does not require high temperatures to initiate the drying or curing process. This reduces energy consumption and protects the environment.

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