ZDHC Foundation is welcoming a group of the world’s leading chemical suppliers (*GCIRT)

Jun 19, 2019


The Global Chemical Industry Round Table (*GCIRT), made of the leading chemical solution providers to the textile and leather industry, joins the ZDHC Programme with the aim of supporting a faster industry transformation, taking complexity out of the supply chain and helping their customers to find appropriate, sustainable solutions.

(*GCIRT) ARCHROMA MANAGEMENT LLC (Switzerland); CHT Germany GmbH (Germany); Colourtex Industries Private Limited (India); DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd (Singapore); Huntsman Textile Effects (Singapore); KISCO (Korea); Pulcra Chemicals GmbH (Germany); RUDOLF GmbH (Germany); TANATEX Chemicals B.V. (Netherlands).

Following an intense and constructive dialogue, the Global Chemical Industry Round Table (GCIRT*) and ZDHC management announce their alignment on ZDHC organisational commitments and joint understanding of the role of chemical suppliers within the ZDHC Programme.

The Group of Textile and Leather chemical leaders will individually join ZDHC Foundation as Contributors and will upload through the Bluefinder their products in the Chemical Module of the ZDHC Gateway so to:

  • accelerate the phase out of hazardous chemistry;
  • reduce duplicative efforts and complexity in the value chain;
  • clarify and strengthen the role of the chemical industry as a whole in the ZDHC Programme.

All parties agree that the acceptance of the ZDHC MRSL and the related conformity system (Level 3>2>1) by all stakeholders is fundamental to the success of the ZDHC Programme.

Dr. Wolfgang Anton Schumann, CEO of the RUDOLF GROUP: “The active participation in the ZDHC Programme of leading chemical providers to the textile and leather industry allows for an uprecedent, open and transparent dialogue with apparel brands and retailers which will significantly benefit final consumers.”

Frank Michel: “We are making good progress in building implementation capacity for example with the launch of our Signatory Brand Leader Programme. However, to further accelerate the transformation of our industry we need to engage with all relevant participants of the value chain to shape the ZDHC Programme from a finite roadmap to 2020 mission to an infinite ZDHC Programme with broad multi-stakeholder support.

Charles Dickinson, Chair of the ZDHC Board of Directors: “We are all in agreement, that the current situation of proliferation of detox approaches and their supporting testing schemes is ineffective and costly. Therefore, we acknowledge that we share a common objective in the alignment of resources that drive better chemistry and innovations that reduce the chemical and environmental footprint of the textile, apparel and footwear industries”

ZDHC Board and Management thanks all active Contributors’ in the ZDHC Programme and the Members of the GCIRT Group for their openness and willingness to collaborate moving the ZDHC Programme to the next level in terms of global outreach and active stakeholder engagement in the ZDHC Foundation activities.