RUCOFIN® GAA – The latest evolutionary achievements in silicone softeners

Jun 24, 2015


No matter how functional they are, fabrics and yarns are increasingly evaluated by their so-called soft handle

With RUCOFIN GAA, the latest development of RUDOLF GmbH, Geretsried, the next rung on the evolutionary ladder of silicone softeners has been taken. With the specific modification of the amino-functional basis of this softening agent, for which a patent has been applied, RUDOLF GMBH have succeeded in reaching the top-level handle of classic amino-softeners. Textile manufacturers do not have to accept the well-known disadvantages of conventional softeners, such as limited resistance to yellowing, highly hydrophobic properties and minor process stability.

Due to high resistance to shear forces and application in a wide pH range, RUCOFIN® GAA is safer in finishing processes, more resistant to yellowing thanks to special modifications, and distinctly less hydrophobic than established amino-functional silicone softeners.

This product of the RUCOFIN® range is an example of successfully achieving a well-known high effect level of one product class whilst making use of the advantages of other chemical classes. Due to specific modifications, a new class of hybrid-amino silicone softeners was born.

With RUCOFIN® GAA (advanced amino) RUDOLF re-define amino-functional silicone softeners:

  • Distinctly more resistant to yellowing
  • Higher process stability, due to higher pH and shear stability
  • Distinctly more hydrophilic
  • Typical, full-character silicone handle

As a manufacturer of speciality silicone softeners RUDOLF GmbH have always been trend-setting by furthering this textile auxiliary class.

Due to the fact that the Geretsried-based company is well aware of the numerous requirements of silicone products for softening textiles and due to the fast implementation by process-stable product solutions, they are successful in providing innovative products for the textile finishing industry.

Apart from the major prerequisite of process-stable applications, there is a wide, article-depending spectre of requirements when using silicone softeners, such as desired handle, intended application process, hydrophobic or hydrophilic behaviour, effect durability, resistance to yellowing, suitability for special applications like spray application or use on yarns, type of emulsion/particle size, desired secondary effects like intensification of shade, better sewability, suitable as resin finishing additive and much more.

This is why RUDOLF GmbH offer an efficient, diversified range of all generations of silicone softeners under the well-known brand name RUCOFIN®. They provide technical advice to their customers and prospective buyers and recommend the suitable softener for individual applications.

Information on RUDOLF GmbH:

RUDOLF GmbH, which, today, is based in Geretsried, Bavaria, was founded by Reinhold Rudolf in Northern Bohemia in 1922. They are specialised in innovative and high-quality chemical products, predominantly textile auxiliaries, products for textile care as well as construction chemicals.
One thousand employees in 45 countries around the world guarantee logistical as well as technical service.

The combination of backwards integration, development know-how, exact knowledge of market requirements and thorough technical application expertise make RUDOLF GmbH an experienced and competent partner for the customers of the textile finishing industry, co-producers and many other industries. Quality Management and certification according to DIN ISO 9001:14001 go without saying. RUDOLF offer products that comply with the Oeko-Tex-Standard and GOTS, are committed to ZDHC with their own MRS-list and are a bluesign system partner. In addition, as a member of the chemical industry, they live the philosophy of the voluntary Responsible Care initiative, which stands for responsible action in the fields of environment, safety and health.