RUCO®-DRY ECO PLUS – One step ahead with fluorine-free repellency

Sep 16, 2015


The youngest member of the BIONIC-FINISH® ECO family for the permanent water-repellent finishing of fabrics gives the user a variety of advantages

Geretsried’s textile auxiliaries´ provider RUDOLF GmbH has expanded its successful range of sustainable, fluorine-free finishing BIONIC-FINISH-RUDOLF® with a product of the umbrella brand BIONIC-FINISH ECO®: ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS.

The discussion about perfluorinated substances has been going on for years and has led to a more conscious application of repellents which contain fluorine for the finishing of textiles and other items. Water-repellent products based on fluorocarbon polymers/resins are increasingly only being applied to textile items for which the repellency of oily substances and chemicals is absolutely necessary. When the focus is on work safety functions, the use of this kind of chemistry is absolutely justified, because the effects of oil, chemical, petrol and blood repellency can only be achieved with finishes containing fluorine due to the physical-chemical properties.

For items which require permanent water repellency primarily for protection against the weather, for example outdoor clothing, awnings, convertible hoods, etc., finishes using products based on a fluorine-free compound are the ideal way to achieve wearing comfort and material protection via ecologically optimised finishes.

The differing decision on where fluorochemistry should be used to protect people and where, on the other hand, alternative fluorine-free compounds can be used, is an expression of the growing effort to find sustainable solutions for the finishing of textiles.

RUDOLF GROUP has been supporting its customers in this effort for many years with tried and tested solutions for water repellent finishing from the BIONIC-FINISH-RUDOLF® range.

The third generation of the products, which are based on hyper-branched polymers with water-repellent end groups and without perfluorinated groups, has established itself on the market under the name BIONIC-FINISH ECO®.

With the new ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS, we are one step further than the previously proven
®RUCO-DRY ECO in terms of efficiency, permanence and environmental friendliness.

By using ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS, both customers and the environment benefit from the following plus points:

  • High level of effectiveness with lower quantities used
  • High wash resistance, even without a booster
  • Even more environmentally friendly components used

In one word: ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS is efficient, durable and sustainable.

In particular, BIONIC-FINISH-RUDOLF® finishes with ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS give the user the following advantages:

  • Highly permanent effects with up to 30 household washes at up to 40°C
  • Universal suitability to all types of fibres
  • Absence of compounds containing fluorine, formaldehyde and APEO
  • Neutral handling
  • Resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Breathability
  • Sewability improving

®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS offers an advantageous range of performance with plus facrors in efficiency, permanence and sustainability.