Redesigning Denim: Unleash the power of RUCOLASE® DWS for unbeatable eco-chic finishes

Oct 05, 2023


RUCOLASE® DWS is a powder-based innovation that offers a synergistic double bioabrasion effect to achieve captivating dry stone wash effects on denim. RUCOLASE® DWS eliminates the need for pumice stones and its exceptional formula draws its power from two extensively researched components: ​

The fully biodegradable abrasive is made from cellulose and lignin derived from the up-cycling of natural waste. Latest generation granulated enzyme designed for low temperature stone washing.​

RUCOLASE® DWS provides increased abrasion on the denim surface, resulting in the coveted Salt & Pepper denim aesthetic, characterised by elegant blue and white grooves. ​


  • Works in near dry conditions​
  • Innovative breakthrough: Introduces the groundbreaking and patented RUDOLF technology with biodegradable micro-abrasives derived from natural debris, revolutionising denim stone-wash effects​
  • The use of pumice stone is no longer required​
  • Completely free from sand and silica compounds. Achieve a highly attractive and authentic appearance through heavy abrasion of the denim surface​
  • Significantly reduce wastewater sludge​

Improve your denim processing with the exceptional performance of RUCOLASE® DWS - where innovation and sustainability meet in perfect harmony.