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RUDOLF HUB 1922 – Responsible, Collaborative Innovation in Fashion & Quality

21a. m.31Europe/Berlina. m.31


RUDOLF HUB 1922 - Fashion Division of the RUDOLF GROUP - presents itself to its 3rd KINGPINS SHOW in Amsterdam with the awareness of being a consolidated, global reality.

Collaborations, consolidated partnerships, technical developments and exciting projects with international brands and retailers have elevated RUDOLF HUB 1992 to the status of partner of choice when it comes to the R&D and marketing of innovative and sustainable solutions for garment finishing and beyond.

"R&D initiatives gravitating around the flavour of the season are definitely decreasing” says Wolfgang Anton Schumann, Managing Director of the RUDOLF GROUP. What’s increasing instead, are strategic partnerships based on the logic of true responsible science, whose purpose is creating win-wins in the arena of ethical fashion and in the name of a renewed love for product quality”.

Three are the strategic pillars that drive HUB 1922's approach to international markets:

  • Functional Chemistry for Product Quality - Throw-away fashion in heavily questioned. Shoppers reclaim more refined, long-lasting products. Rudolf injects functionality that enhances and extends the lifecycle of the garments we love and that supports the making of better and durable products.
  • Responsible Fashion Is Driven by Science - At Rudolf, new conscious developments come from a different thinking. Visionary, sophisticated, responsible innovation unlocks new possibilities and helps preserving valuable resources.
  • Collaborative Fashion for Business Disruption - The need or innovation, speed and flexibility call for partnership that brings dream to market. At Rudolf, partnership is seen a shared journey rather than colorless collaboration.