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German engineering in Italian style.

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«HUB 1922 is born, the new subsidiary company of RUDOLF GmbH. It will be based in Busto Arsizio near Milan, the capital of Italian fashion ».

We are north of Milan. In one of the historical streets of Busto Arsizio. Here, a red-brick building wich, in the 1800s, was the house of a textile mill. Today, this building designed to host industrial processes becomes the headquarters of HUB 1922, the Fashion Division of RUDOLF GmbH.

RUDOLF GmbH has been a leader in the textile chemicals industry for 100 years. The decision to open HUB 1922 has a specific objective: to give life to collaborations with brands and international retailers. And through product innovation, give space to new ideas and useful functionalities at the crossroads of Italian fashion: Milan.

The task of HUB 1922 is to research and develop innovation primarily for the garment processing industry, denim and beyond. And it will do so with the introduction of its own exclusive elements of diversity: deep scientific knowledge, true environmental responsibility, technical innovation and creativity.

«The strategic intent is to introduce a whole new approach that embraces both product and concept development. An extraordinarily robust R&D centre that is also a novel marketing and communication channel» says Dr. Wolfgang Anton Schumann, Managing Director of RUDOLF GMBH. He continues: «HUB1922 can count on RUDOLF’s global service, manufacturing, sales and distribution networks as a secure and transparent global fulfilment partner for brands/retailers and their supply chain partners».

«The idea is to start pursuing ideas that are conscious, necessary and useful» says Alberto De Conti, Head of Fashion Division at RUDOLF Group. «If they meet all those criteria, we won’t hesitate to make them beautiful». He continues: «Emphasis is put on listening attentively to the market and on engineering solutions proactively, even before being prompted».

Nowadays science plays an irreplaceable role in society: fashion research should focus more on scientific research. HUB 1922 is born for this. To get away from consolidated industrial processes from an industrial point of view, but increasingly incompatible with the environmental point of view. And to give space to every opportunity that can change the state of things and give things a new state: the quality of the product.

RUDOLF’s substantial investment represents a strong sign of industrial renaissance in a territory that used to be leader in textile, but that has been going through difficult times.