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We are RUDOLF, a global innovation leader for the textile, construction, coatings and car care industries. We support our customers with personal service and outstanding know-how. Our products maximize performance while minimizing environmental impact.

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Performance and Sustainabilty

Our technologies have earned a reputation for exceptional performance and reliability. We are proud that they improve people's lives every day.

Water repellency

Silicone Softness

Hygiene and freshness

Hygiene and freshness

Moisture Management

Breathable Waterproffing

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For all our products, we put in the maximum effort to ensure that they are environmentally friendly and will not cause harm to people or animals either during use or when disposed of by our customers. This applies not only to the finished product, but must also be established during development.

For RUDOLF, acting ecologically doesn‘t just mean putting in suitable filters in order to meet predefined thresholds. It is the entire manufacturing process which must be scrutinised and meticulously verified.

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RUDOLF supports customers in the textile, coating and construction industries. Would you be part of our community?

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