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Increasing sustainability and performance with ECO-VENT®



A new generation of ecological PU coatings with water vapour permeability

”The most remarkable thing about RUDOLF is our capacity to research, to overcome, to create, to transform and to be greater than the obstacles we find.” - Dr. Schumann, General Manager of RUDOLF GROUP

Today, nearly all “breathable“ PU direct coatings are applied from solvent systems. These products partly contain very harmful and environmentally hazardous solvents.

To solve the “solvent“ problem, RUDOLF GROUP developed ECO-VENT®:

A water-based coating solution that opens up new perspectives for numerous coated fabrics, which are permeable to water vapour and, thus, breathable.

The optimum PFC-free, waterproof and breathable protective clothing can be finished with RUDOLF’s cluster of supreme technologies:

  1. Outer fabric finished with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO
  2. Direct coating made from ECO-VENT®
  3. Lining with moisture control due to hydrophilic HYDROCOOL®

Preferred articles:

Outdoor, ski jackets, gloves, shoes