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The pioneering moisture-regulating technology

The world-leading, durable moisture management technology

HYDROCOOL® technologies quickly wick sweat away from the skin and bring it to the surface of the fabric, where it is spreaded and thus quickly evaporates. In this way, HYDROCOOL® products contribute significantly to physiological comfort.

Moisture control is a form of capillary action that pushes moisture through functionalized fibers, because. HYDROCOOL® technologies further enhance capillary action mainly in synthetic clothing.

Second skin comfort

The high quality and finished fabrics are worn next to the skin. HYDROCOOL® is designed to wick perspiration away from the skin to the surface of the fabric, keeping the body dry in all conditions.

Our durable technology ensures a pleasant feeling of dryness and comfort. With enhanced capillary action in functionalised fibres, we guarantee superior moisture management.

Advantages of HYDROCOOL®
Efficient Sweat Transport

HYDROCOOL® swiftly moves sweat from skin, ensuring comfort during strenuous activities and preventing discomfort from excessive moisture.

Excellent evaporation

HYDROCOOL® plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort by speeding up the drying process of a sweat-soaked shirt on the body. If this process is delayed, the body cools after activity.

Cooling Sensation

HYDROCOOL® efficiently wicks sweat, regulating body temperature and providing a refreshing sensation during active pursuits, elevating comfort and performance.

WhatÔÇÖs next?

Although all HYDROCOOL┬« technologies are manufactured to the strictest safety standards and with the least possible impact on the environment, RUDOLFÔÇśs R&D continuously works to improve both the performance and environmental consciousness of the chemistry used in HYDROCOOL┬« products. The next generation of our innovative durable moisture management for synthetic textiles contains bio-based, partly recycled components, thus following a sustainable approach.

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