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Seminar on Knits 5.0 by Rudolf Atul Chemicals Ltd (RACL) in partnership with Erbatech India in Coimbatore



Coimbatore, Thursday 20th February 2020: Knits 5.0

Coimbatore, Thursday 20th February 2020: Knits 5.0 – A joint seminar by Erbatech and Rudolf Atul Chemicals Ltd. was organised at Hotel Radisson Blu, Coimbatore to apprise customers on the recent developments in continuous knit processing, thereby preparing them to face the dynamic market challenges.

The session was chaired by Mr Bergmann, Managing Director, Erbatech India; Mr Rolf Seidel - Technical sales manager (India and Pakistan), Rudolf GmbH along with Mr Shekhar Singh - Business Head, RACL and Mr Swaminathan - Regional Manager India South.

The seminar was attended by about 60 delegates, including plant heads of major textile units in Tirupur, Perundurai, Erode and Chennai.

Mr Swaminathan, in opening speech highlighted the idea behind Knits 5.0 concept and shared the approach of RACL towards this growing sector.

Mr Rolf Seidel presented an overview of the Rudolf and highlighted its presence in various stages of the textile value chain. He also briefed the audience about the Rudolf’s co-operation with Erbatech for continuous processing and highlighted its advantages over exhaust process in terms of significant reduction in utilities and effluent load thereby adding to cost saving. The key emphasis was on lower emission of Greenhouse gases and improved carbon footprint owing to lower requirement of fuel for continuous process.

Mr Bergmann spoke about sustainable developments in machineries for continuous processing and highlighted key machineries that focus on resource saving. He emphasised that Erbatech has pioneered in developing well proven machines for bleaching, CPB dyeing, washing and impregnation of delicate textiles, giving customers improved performance and productivity with the lowest electricity, water, steam and chemical consumption. He further shared how the company has been successful in installing more than 500 machines in over 40 countries, processing tons of fabric every minute all over the world.

Mr Shekhar Singh, in his speech, highlighted the role of Tirupur entrepreneurs in adopting new technologies at faster pace and their penchant for embracing the change for better future. He elaborated on the RACL product range with a special emphasis on new offerings in Pre-treatment, Dyeing, Finishing and Technical textiles area.

The seminar concluded with an interesting interactive session about continuous processing and what steps can be taken to make it more sustainable.

The seminar provided valuable inputs for the industry, which is looking resource saving such as water, steam, power using continuous process. This is particularly important for them as the process houses are expected to deliver best optimization of available resources with minimal impact on environment.