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Responsible Care Prize 2016 awarded to the RUDOLF



Düsseldorf – The "Responsible-Care" Prize for particularly responsible management in the pharmaceutical/chemical industry was awarded for the 25th time in Düsseldorf on 23rd September 2016. This initiative has taken up the cause of improving the safeguarding of people and the environment – independent of existing regulations. Amongst all nominated companies the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI = Verband der Chemischen Industrie) declared 6 companies the winners in their anniversary event. They were chosen on federal level and stood out from their competitors in the respective fields. On the occasion of this year's anniversary, a seventh winner may place an additionally offered award for small and medium-sized businesses on their shelves.

This year, the sought-after prize in the important category "environmental protection" was awarded to Rudolf GmbH, which is based in Geretsried, Bavaria. The managing director, Dr. Wolfgang Schumann, and Dr. Gunther Duschek, Vice President R & D, received the prize on behalf of the whole team. "Highly efficient and environmentally friendly water-repellent agents" - this is the name of the award-winning project. Since 2003 the water repellents behind this project have been in fierce competition with common environmentally hazardous water repellents. Apart from other aspects, the jury appreciated above all the pioneering role that RUDOLF has adopted in the chemical industry. No other manufacturer has developed products at such an early stage which for the outdoor industry are a real environmentally friendly alternative to fluorinated polymers. The majority of water-repellent agents used so far still contain perfluorooctanoic acid, which, due to its high stability, is very risky for the environment. RUDOLF has launched a high-performance, ecologically sustainable water-repellent finish without these problematic ingredients. "We have taken nature as a model, which is why the water-repellent finish we have developed is called BIONIC FINISH®“, says Dr. Duschek, and proudly adds: "In the outdoor sector today's effects are easily as strong as with fluorocarbon compounds."