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HYDROCOOL® - the new family brand



Stay cool with the intelligent moisture management technology from RUDOLF

With the intelligent and high-performance moisture management technology HYDROCOOL®, the RUDOLF GROUP sets again a standard in the functional finish of next-to-skin textiles.

Under the family brand HYDROCOOL®, RUDOLF offers hydrophilizing products with a highly flexible moisture management technology for synthetic fibres and their blends. We thus, are always prepared to suggest technical solutions for the textile market's constantly changing requirements for the steadily growing groups of articles active wear, sportswear and functional underwear.

Exercise, either outdoor or indoor, for our personal well-being and as a counterbalance to the daily routine, has become an increasingly important part of life. At the same time optimum moisture management functions of textiles for sweaty activities have become an absolute "must-have". The clothing industry offers consumers a multitude of very different textiles in many designs. Hydrophilicity as well as hygiene and freshness are the major focus when increasing the additional value of these articles.

The reason for this is that perspiration accompanies man 365 days a year and 24 hours a day; and it is a natural reaction of the body to transport excess heat away, which can be caused by exercise, high ambient temperature or fever. By producing body perspiration, the human body has the ingenious ability of keeping the body temperature at an optimum 37° C. The textile worn next to the skin must be able to support this thermo-regulating mechanism.

Man wears several layers of textiles, which may vary in number, depending on the climatic and local conditions. This is called the multi-layer principle. The next-to-skin layer, the inner layer, must work like a second skin to fulfil the requirement of optimum moisture transport. Due to their numerous advantages, the portion of synthetic fibres in active wear, sportswear and functional underwear has been rising for years. These advantages are:

  • Low weight
  • High wear resistance
  • Easy care and fast drying

The hydrophobic behaviour, when unfinished, is a clothing-physiological shortcoming, which a high-performance moisture management technology has to offset. Only perfectly prepared textiles finished with the HYDROCOOL® technology can have optimum moisture management effects:

  • Perfect moisture absorption and transport
  • Optimum moisture evaporation
  • Pleasantly dry and comfortable to wear

The HYDROCOOL® technology products ensure that the textile perfectly absorbs moisture and transports it away from the body. The evaporation of moisture, which the textile has absorbed, creates a uniform evaporation chill that supports the cooling function of the body.

HYDROCOOL® is the family brand for a fibre-adapted moisture management technology by RUDOLF.