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The new generation in polyamide fixing - Phenol and bisphenol-free as well as formaldehyde-free

Jul 07, 2023


RUDOLF takes responsibility not only for the performance of textile auxiliaries but offers solutions to protect environment and consumers.

HYDROCOL® NFN is the result of time-intense development work. In contrast to conventional chemistry used in polyamide fixing, HYDROCOL® NFN does not contain any phenol or bisphenol, is formaldehyde free and thus it´s free of any hazardous classifications. HYDROCOL® NFN meets the current MRSL and SVHC requirements and guarantees excellent fastness improvement on polyamide dyeings and prints.

Performance & Features

  • Phenol-, bisphenol- and formaldehyde-free
  • Improves the wash fastness
  • Sufficient resistance to salt, acid and alkali
  • Maintains the hydrophilic properties of PA-goods
  • Especially suitable for colouring with flavin- or rhodamine dyes
  • Applicable in exhaust and padding processes