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Car care chemicals powered by RUDOLF

High-performance applications for the car care industry

RUDOLFÔÇÖs well-established knowledge and many years of experience enable it to present its customers with the new portfolio for car care. The company offers tailor-made solutions for interior and exterior, as well as additives for professional vehicle washing.

Our wide range of chemical active ingredients is characterised by an optimal interaction of protection and function. In addition, our RUDOLF products contribute to sustainability by improving the appearance and extending the life of automotive functions.


External influences, such as weather conditions like acid rain or UV light irradiation, are a constant challenge for the car exterior, its paints and glass surfaces. RUDOLF products help to protect the surface by building up a robust and long-lasting seal against physical damage.


RUCO® additives offer solutions for the care, protection and a new look for all kinds of interior materials made of textile, leather, wood, plastic and glass. Our products are used as re-impregnation agents, gloss improvers, color enhancers and anti-fogging agents.

Tyre care

Already on the first meters covered, dirt and dust particles accumulate on the tires. RUCO® additives provide a weather-resistant finish that repels dirt, provides color deepening and creates a radiant shine. The visual enhancement is guaranteed to make your tires look like brand new.

Car Wash

Dirt, dust and persistent insect stains are efficiently removed from the car exterior with RUCO® additives during the car wash. They ensure a clean and shiny appearance of the paint and glass surfaces. Our drying aids achieve beading or sheeting and shorten drying times after the washing process, which significantly reduces water staining on the paint.

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