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At Rudolf we always aim for innovation and sustainability

Who we are.

Chemistry has become an integral part of our world to the point that it is essential to modern society. Embedding sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility in the research and manufacturing of chemistry is of paramount importance. Our core business is about offering a wide portfolio of chemical solutions and services that increase innovation and sustainability along the entire textile value chain, from fibre to finish.

100 years of experience in textiles have enabled us to learn and invent. Today, we increasingly offer the fruits of our inventiveness to other industries as well.

History and heritage


We have little doubt that we can change history. In fact, we already have.

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The foundation

Reinhold Rudolf began Rudolf & Co operations on 1 January 1922 as a ‘chemical factory and trader in chemicals’ specialising in chemical textile auxiliaries. Ernst Schumann acquired shares in the company in January 1925.

In June 1939, the company produced and traded in ‘all auxiliaries for the textile, paper, wood, leather and smoked goods industries; chemicals; soaps; detergents; pastes; varnishes and paints; polishes; adhesives; crop protection agents; cosmetic preparations and car oils’.

In the turmoil of WWII contact with the company founder Reinhold Rudolf broke off and his trail was completely lost. It is possible that Rudolf died shortly before the end of the war.


The new start

On 13 June 1946, the Schumanns registered their company in Geretsried, Wolfratshausen, which has remained the global HQ of the company ever since. Ruconetzer S was launched in 1950 and revolutionised textile finishing.


The expansion

During the 1950’s annual sales tripled from just under 1.7 million to 5.2 million marks and the number of employees grew from 54 to 100. During these years, Rudolf & Co. expanded and built another production hall and a warehouse, The innovative universal wetting agent Ruconetzer S - the S in the name stands for salicylic acid butyl ester - was launched in 1950 and revolutionised textile finishing.


The globalization

Since the 1960s, the textile industry has been relocating its factories, initially to Italy or Turkey, and later to Asia. This far-reaching structural change in the textile industry triggered significant exports and that’s where Wolfgang Schumann junior made a significant difference.

More production operations were founded abroad: 1992 Hong Kong, 1995 Indonesia, 1997 Brazil, 1998 Turkey and USA, 2005 Pakistan, 2007 India and 2010 Brazil. At present and under the leadership of Dr. Wolfgang Anton Schumann, the company excels in innovative and high-quality textile auxiliaries and construction chemicals. It employs over 1,800 employees in 45 countries around the world.


Who we are


The RUDOLF way of operation

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1.880 employees

50 subsidiaries

372 employees in Germany

The world is better chemistry

RUDOLF defines the conscious chemical ingredients of today. And for the one of tomorrow.